About Me

Rabbi Miller loves to be involved in the life cycle of Jewish families. To stand with a bride and groom under the chupah, to prepare students with all different learning styles and abilities for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, to comfort families in times of mourning and to share the joy of welcoming children into the world. She takes great pleasure in celebrating these special moments with all kinds of families through the richness of Jewish faith and tradition. She uses creative and dynamic experiences to help families bring great meaning and joy to their lives.

“Music has always played an important role in my life. I love to sing traditional treasured melodies, and I look for new ones that may add a fresh perspective to our liturgy or our connection to Judaism. Sometimes I play the guitar and sometimes the purity of the voice alone, is just the right fit for the moment.” Through music Rabbi Miller helps people to feel the warmth and the love that is an intrinsic part of Judaism. It is amazing that we can travel the world, and find common ground through music.

“I can’t imagine what Jewish life would be like today without the importance and significance of the Jewish homeland, the State of Israel. My love for Israel is unconditional. The politics of Israel are complicated and often leave me frustrated yet every time I go to Israel, I feel like I am home. My spirit is lifted and renewed and I am reminded of all of the reasons I love Israel, the land and the people.”

In her years as a rabbi, Rabbi Miller has devoted her life to those who are able and to those who face challenges. She cares deeply about those who are physically challenged and she strives to include and enable those who are educationally or emotionally challenged. Doing all of this represents some of the most fulfilling moments of her career.

“I hold relationships with people sacred. I strive for an openness so that people can feel safe and trusted by me. My relationships are deep and filled with embrace. I believe that this is the antidote to the kind of world in which we are living.”

Rabbi Miller believes that there is great power in a smile and a kind word. When you perform mitzvot with Rabbi Miller you will find personal fulfillment and a means to making the world a better place. Rabbi Miller believes that we should care for one another, care for the larger community, and advocate for what is just and right. Sometimes the doing of mitzvot are large and in the public eye such as frequenting a food pantry, arranging holiday gift bags, preparing snack bags for the homeless, speaking out about responsible gun ownership, attending rallies in opposition to hate. For Rabbi Miller some of the most powerful moments are the quiet ones. They may occur while being present with a family in the hospital, dropping off food for a family who needs it but would never ask, looking in on an elderly neighbor who lives alone and whose children are far away. Rabbi Miller believes that when the world feels out of control or chaotic, being a part of a community helps us to be grounded and feel safe.

“I am a rabbi and that gives me the opportunity to build relationships and to bring people close to our faith and tradition. I am a teacher and I love bringing Jewish text to people to help give insight in living a meaningful life. I love to pray and sing. It grounds me and raises my spirits and I love to pray and sing with others. I am committed to the love of Torah, a love for Israel and a love for making text and traditions come alive. I look forward to sharing all of this with you.”